It's even worse than it appears..
Friday March 1, 2024; 9:57 AM EST
  • In a new product I'm working on, I'm including links to the blogs of the social media apps I use. I notice that most of them have one. This is why:#
    • You can put a title on a post on a blog.#
    • You can include links (invariably announcements have links).#
    • You can edit posts.#
    • Simple text styling.#
    • Blogs have feeds.#
  • So I'm looking for the official blogs of the social apps I use -- Mastodon, Bluesky, Twitter, Threads. #
  • If so, what's the feed URL? #
  • Here's a place to comment.#
  • PS: It seems dumb to have two places for writing. Also I bet Bluesky wrote their own blogging software, which is why there's no feed for their blog, which is awkward because Bluesky itself has feeds. As a programmer, I don't think I could maintain both codebases, and i'm pretty sure the blog is the one that'll get abandoned. Update: they do have a feed for their blog. At some point there won't be a distinction between blogging and social media-ing. Remember the tiny little text boxes have to go. 😄#
  • PPS: Twitter's blog has a really shitty title, it shows up in the list as English (UK). That should be fixed to something like Twitter Blog. I know how this happens, obviously they're maintaining more than one language, so the title is given from their point of view. As a reader, it has to make sense in a list of feeds from different publishers. Here's a screen shot to illustrate. #

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