It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday July 4, 2024; 8:38 AM EDT
  • My blog is also a podcast. I wonder if anyone else does that. #
  • The title of this episode is "A peneer of legitimacy," but what I really meant is veneer. #
  • I describe a dream where the owner of the NY Times is, in March 2025, being tried by a military tribunal for not sufficiently helping Trump get re-elected as he was told to do. Sulzberger, in his own defense, points out that they covered Biden's Age, the official new version of Hillary's Emails, while ignoring other possible issues. #
  • The tribunal returns with its verdict and hilarity ensues as the punishment, secret until revealed, is administered. #
  • The crowd goes crazy! "Too late! Not enough! Go to hell!" #
  • The host of the show is Bart Simpson. #
  • It could happen.#
  • 3 minutes.#

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