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AutoWeb 1.0b4 Change Notes

AutoWeb 1.0b4 Change Notes

AutoWeb is coming together

I'm working on version 1.0b4. New features implemented today include:

1. Instead of using Frontier's confirmation dialog, we use the one that's built into Little Script Editor. It's prettier, more modern, is movable, and remembers its position on the screen.

2. There's a new inline macro -- called "link". It's used to implement hyperlinks. Here's an example that should jump you to the Cool Site of the Day. Note that the hyperlinks can be included in a paragraph, they aren't restricted to a single line.

3. A new macro -- "pic". It allows you to incorporate inline graphic images. Here's an example:

BTW, to allow web-browsable docs, we're going to have an escape that temporarily turns off macro expansion.

4. Improved the performance of the build scripts. It's much faster skipping over files. Also changed the filenaming conventions in the Output Folder. Instead of having the full date at the end of the filename, we add the number of days since October 1, 1994. It's faster, and it allows for more meaningful filenames, while still preventing articles with the same names from overwriting each other. (Remember to not post two articles on the same day with the same name.)

5. When we launch Anarchie, we only do it thru the Helper Apps folder. The app must be there, or an alias to the app. We do not put up a standard-file dialog to locate the app. [Question: should we insist that an alias to the Netscape app appear in the Helper Apps folder? Right now we don't. This would allow the user to be completely sure that the correct version of the app is launched. Also helps establish the utility of the Helper Apps folder...]

Adam asks the right question...

I got an email from Adam Engst, ace@tidbits.com, that really made my head spin:

"Can AutoWeb see email addresses and newsgroup names and URLs in the text and make them hot?"

My answer: "It can now!"

I love it! Wander around DaveNet. All the mail addresses and web urls are hot. I don't know the format for newsgroup names, but it should be easy to add them too, if they follow a similar pattern.

Gotta take a break now!


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