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AutoWeb 1.0 Docs

AutoWeb 1.0 Docs

Here are the docs for AutoWeb 1.0.

Please check in here from time to time, the docs are changing, especially the FAQ page, and version change notes.

1.0b6 is a final-feature release. From this point on, we plan to fix bugs, improve performance and clean up the docs. Of course if a *really* tempting feature comes along...

There was a file format change in version 1.0b6. See 1.0b6 Change Notes for conversion instructions.

What is AutoWeb?
How to Install
Special Folders
The Doc Info Dialog
The AutoWeb Menu
Managing Multiple Websites
Text Processing and Macros
MacHTTP Sysop Notes
How We Make $$$
AutoWeb FAQs
AutoWeb Gossip & Testimonials
Version Notes

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