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Download Page

Download Page

Please visit this page regularly for new releases, tools and scripts from UserLand and pointers to essential utilities from other Mac developers.


Downloading AutoWeb 1.0b6d

You can download the current public beta release of AutoWeb by clicking on the following line:

AutoWeb 1.0b6d

It's also available on CompuServe. It's in the UserLand Forum (keyword USERLAND) in Library 8, filename aw6.sit.

Downloading FinderMenu 3.0

If you want to manage multiple websites from one Mac desktop, you'll need the FinderMenu extension. For instructions on downloading, installing and using FinderMenu click here.

Essential Macintosh Internet Tools & Utilities

Fetch is a Macintosh ftp client from Dartmouth. This version is a fat binary for use with both 680x0 Systems as well as PowerPC systems.

Fetch 2.1.2

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AutoWeb & Beyond

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