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Lots of PS's

Tuesday, December 13, 1994 by Dave Winer.

This is (probably) the final DaveNet message of 1994. Nothing too heavy. Tis the season! Just a lot of PS's, without all them PS's...

Brian Zisk, zisk@well.com, and I went down to Santa Cruz yesterday to check out the Internet Underground Music Archive. What a trip! They're doing very hot stuff down there. They're young, totally into music, and growing like crazy. Also kind of arrogant, which is OK. Reminds me of Silicon Valley in the early 80s. Great energy. If you want to check out IUMA, visit:

We went to Santa Cruz to give them a copy of Marc Canter's MediaBand CD. I wish Marc were there with us. [He's in Japan, losing weight and (hopefully) making his Big Deal with the Japanese multimedia magnates. Can't wait to see Marc at the Expo!] Brian and I, as usual, tripped out on how exciting all this stuff is. When I got home I remembered to breathe.

I spent an hour on the phone last night with Stewart Alsop, editor in chief at Infoworld, the original software industry commentator, founder of the Agenda and Demo conferences and the PC-Letter newsletter, and a longtime friend, and an all-around sweet guy with a gruff exterior that probably doesn't fool *anyone*.

I want to debate Stewart on this chatnet! As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter what we debate. Stewart and I have a great rapport, and I'd love to try it that out in this medium. I think you all would find it entertaining. If you have any ideas for subjects that Stewart and I could debate, please send email. [Stewart is at stewart_alsop@infoworld.com.]

I want to do something special from the floor at MacWorld Expo (San Francisco, Jan 4-7). If you're rolling a product out at the Expo, or know someone who is, please get in touch. I'll be roaming the floor, and hopefully will have an off-floor suite for product demos.

Special note to Mike Spindler, who was interviewed in the San Jose Mercury on Sunday. They talked about me. (Wow!) I never said Mike lacked a vision. I just asked the question. Actually the NY Times asked it first. Mike, if you ever want to use this channel, as Bill Gates did, to carry your vision, it's open. Just say the word. I'm looking for win-wins. Seriously.

Gina Smith's PBS special on the Internet is airing on KQED on Sunday 12/18, at 4:30PM. Check it out! We love Aretha, but Gina is a also a soulful woman. Gina says: "You're one of *our* boys, too." Aw shucks, that sure feels good!

There are CyberSalons on both coasts in the next few days. Mark Stahlman, stahlman@radiomail.net, is hosting one on Thursday night in New York. Pretty good chance I'll be there. And on Saturday night, Fred Davis and Sylvia Paull, are doing a CyberSalon in Berkeley (305-7504@mcimail.com).

Here are a couple web sites that the kids will enjoy. It seems that Santa Claus is a net surfer! And he does email: santa@northpole.net. Amazing! His web site is:

For a countdown of the number of days till Christmas (hours, minutes and seconds too!) check out:

Early next year we'll finish the "My Mom's Computer" thread started by John R. Sumser. And run Nolan Bushnell's piece about fun and the Internet. If people are into fun, we'll run one or two of Bernie Dekoven's "Dr Fun" pieces which he has been distributing from his America On-Line mailbox, dekoven@aol.com. Bernie really *is* Dr Fun. [And in a former life, one of Santa's elves!]

I also want to run an updated version of the "How to Demo Software for Fun & Profit" piece I wrote for the first Demo conference in 1991.

And, even though DaveNet is going off the air for the rest of '94, Dave isn't. Send email. Keep them cards and letters coming.

Finally, have a grrrreat holiday, lots of love, have a wonderful New Year's Eve (drive safely!) and we'll see you bright and early on January 1!

Keep on truckin!

Dave Winer

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