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False Alarm

Saturday, July 29, 1995 by Dave Winer.

In yesterday's DaveNet, I wrote "It sounds like someone, somewhere, is censoring something."

Apparently not. ;->

The picture is now visible, and the LIBIDO link works.

Even worse -- the server is in Chicago, not France.

As Emily Litella used to say... Never Mind!

And as Dave Winer says when he screws up: Sorry!

Thanks to John Russo, johnr@geo1.geo.net, and others, for checking this out.

Other people had comments...


Re: Censorship, from Australia

From Matthew Driver, mdriver@pcug.org.au:

I'm sure, once the US censorship gets into full swing it will effect the rest of the world in a big way. Our government is also looking a what it can do to control the net.


Re: Censorship, from Israel

From Benjamin (Benjy) Weinberger, benjyw@cs.huji.ac.il:

I'm a student at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

My reflection on the matter as a Non-US Citizen, for what it's worth, is mostly one of frustration. I can't vote in US Congressional elections, and yet this self-appointed guardian of the world's morals wishes to restrict my use of the Internet, and the information I may provide to others. The fact that various net nodes reside physically in the US is besides the point. These sites are part of a greater whole which is not under the jurisdiction of any government, a fact that Senator Exon does not seem to understand.

US politicians should realize that this act will affect not only US citizens, but the entire world. I'm sure that Congress has the de jure and de facto ability to enforce such a decency act in the US, but humility dictates that they shouldn't. The US should NOT attempt to rule the world.

[This US voter agrees totally. DW]


Re: Clay Basket

From Humayun Lari, hlari@cybernetics.net:

Thanks much for Clay Basket! I was planning (i.e. it probably would never have actually happened) to write something similar, but, hey, this is cool! I realize you probably have your own ideas about improvements, but I thought I'd send a couple of requests your way just in case:

1. A preference to activate Netscape when a red diamond is double-clicked -- right now, at least on my Mac, Netscape just switches to the bookmark, and I have to "manually" switch to it. I'd love to make Clay Basket my "modeless" Bookmarks menu!

2. The ability to drag 'n' drop URLs from Netscape to Clay Basket. Recording is awesome, but I usually have to pick and choose--I end up with lots of clippings on my desktop! It would be wondrous if Clay Basket could serve as, um, my clay basket!

[Cooooool! The first feature is already in... Hold down the option key while double-clicking on the diamond. Netscape comes to front as the URL is displayed. DW]


Re: Evangelism As God Intended

From Guy Kawasaki, macway@aol.com:

You flatter me so. Thanks!


Re: Evangelism As God Intended, Asshole's Society

From Marc Canter, marc@mediaband.com

I tried to have Guy help me at Apple, but I guess I'm still on the wrong side of him. And fine, so I don't get any credit for cooking the curry meal at the only meeting of the Asshole's Society. And Jean-Louis turned out to be the true asshole by wanting to kick me out!

[It's coool Marc, I remember that curry dinner you cooked, it was a great meal! And congratulations on the success of MacroMind Director. It's a great meal too. DW]


Re: Silicon Valley Asshole's Society

From Ward Good, wgood@leo.vsla.edu:

One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons is a young guy in a huge office in front of a huge desk behind which reclines a huge, fat guy with cigar. He is saying, "Why yes my boy, the secret to my success... I'm an asshole."


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Off on another adventure...

Seeya sooooooon.


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