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Life Imitates Art

Friday, August 18, 1995 by Dave Winer.

I should be cleaning my house but I logged on instead and checked the stock market.

Press release from Microsoft.

The Windows 95 rollout is gearing up.

The Wall Street Journal says Microsoft is "orchestrating a buzz that is reaching far beyond the tech world, involving a wide range of business partners -- including the Rolling Stones, whose 'Start Me Up' will be a sort of Windows 95 theme song, anchoring TV ads set to start airing Thursday evening."

The Rolling Stones are a business partner?

Pinch me!

I'm going to the Windows 95 rollout next week in Seattle.

I wonder if I get to meet Mick?

Anyway, this is more proof that I'm pioneering new forms of social behavior. Someday I hope to have $200 million to roll out a new software product, and when that happens, I have a hunch that Aretha Franklin will be belting out the tunes. Or maybe the Supremes will sing You Can't Hurry Love? Or John Cameron Swayze will speak his poetic Takes a Licking, Keeps on Ticking?

Lots of choices...

Have a grrrrrrreat weekend!


PS: A number of people ask if I've used Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I haven't. I hope I was clear in my last piece that I was writing about a demo I got in late June. I hope to use their browser soon, and will report at that time. Webmasters are sending email saying that the Microsoft browser is going to be a problem for web content authors, as the AOL browser has been a problem. Stay tuned.

PPS: HotWired took the password dialog out of the way, so everyone can now read my weekly column at http://www.hotwired.com/davenet/. A new column appears every Thursday.

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