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We were having so much fun

Saturday, December 9, 1995 by Dave Winer.

Another major event in the A Society of Parents thread.

On Thursday, page 1 of the New York Times said: "Congress Agrees on a Tough Bill To Wipe Out On-Line Obscenity."

It could have said: "US Congress Deals Crippling Blow to Nascent On-Line Industry."

It's an election year.

Congress wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Let's throw *them* out!

We have much more important things to worry about than whether some midwestern bible thumping politician approves of, or even understands what we're saying.

We were having so much fun.

I'm sorry that we're going to have to deal with these people's fears. But that's just the way it's going to be.

It makes the Bill Gates vs Netscape thing seem pretty small.

You can't say no one asked you to get involved.

Please get involved.

Check out http://ws2.scripting.com/whatyoucando.html.

It's all happening next week. It's a good time to clear up some room on your busy calendar.

It's party season, now you have something important to talk about at all those parties.

There's a rally on Monday in San Francisco. If you can be there, be there.

Let's make 1996 a year in which we reaffirm our right to speak, and to be heard.

The only way to do that is to speak, and to listen.

There's a huge independent movement in the 1996 political season. The Republican congress is committing suicide. They're vulnerable. The Internet is a great organizational tool. Let's use our technology to throw the bums out!

Congress is the obscenity!

Kick em out.

Dave Winer

PS: Please pass this message on. Thanks!

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