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Frontier 4.0

Sunday, May 12, 1996 by Dave Winer.

Good morning!

It's been an intense month already. Yes!

I've been listening to James Taylor's Greatest Hits CD to keep me flowing when it seems it's impossible to be calm. It's relaxing music.

He's going to Carolina in his mind! Me too. I can see the sun shine. Yes, it's just like a friend of mine.


Macintosh Internet Strategies Permalink to Macintosh Internet Strategies

I'm writing a new DaveNet piece, about my experiences shipping a software product that is both an app and a website. But the shipping process has kept me from finishing the piece! I *will* finish it this weekend. Watch your inboxes.

In this piece, I outline my version of the Macintosh Internet strategy. The strategy will be built around the standard Macintosh net apps. Around the Finder and System 7. It does not depend on OpenDoc gaining a consensus. It doesn't depend on Copland shipping. It all works today.

On Monday Apple will outline their version of the Macintosh Internet strategy. I will be there. I expect I'll have comments! Respectful ones, of course.

My Contribution Permalink to My Contribution

In the meantime, we've been cooking a fine new meal, Frontier 4.0. Great web content tools. Ties together all the standards, including some new ones. My dream, of a powerful cross-application script development and runtime system, has been realized. I'm learning a lot. And realizing dreams makes you happy! It's cooool.

The new website is at http://www.scripting.com/frontier/.

I hope you check it out. Watch the News page for updates. If you've been missing your DaveNets, you'll find a lot of the missing stuff on that site.

DaveNet is moving too Permalink to DaveNet is moving too

In the next few weeks DaveNet will move off www.hotwired.com.

The email distribution of DaveNet will continue without interruption.

The DaveNet website will be at a different location on June 1.

Many thanks to the people of HotWired! I've really enjoyed the collaboration. I've made many new friends there, and grown thru the association. I hope to contribute to Wired and HotWired in the future. I have total respect for what we accomplished in the last year and a half. How much this world has changed in that period! So much more change coming. Whew!

So, as of June 1, I will be totally independent. Not a columnist anymore. Just Dave. Software developer and online writer. A person, and a professional.

Still digging!

Dave Winer

PS: An idea for Apple -- port QuickDraw to Windows and make it a plugin. Why didn't I think of this before? It's a killer idea.

PPS: Releasing a new product at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference? Lots of developers do. Know someone who is? Check out http://www.scripting.com/wwdc/. It's easy! Please pass this pointer around the Macintosh development community. Thanks!

PPPS: Frontier 4.0 is free. I want to set a new net scripting standard and make the Macintosh the most powerful web content development platform. Many thanks to all the people who made Frontier 4.0 possible. Check out the "Credits" page for a list.

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