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Thursday, July 11, 1996 by Dave Winer.

Gooood afternoon!

A few weeks back I shipped a piece of software called 'Ship Shop' and then I got busy doing something else and forgot to mention it in a DaveNet piece.


If you're publishing software via the Internet, ShipShop makes it easy to maintain an FTP archive from your desktop. In the Finder, you select the file or folder that you want to publish, press cmd-1, and it's automatically compressed and binhexed and uploaded to your FTP site.

It takes all the pain out of managing an FTP site. I think every Mac-based webmaster and sysop should have this software. Pass it on! It's free of charge. Requires a Macintosh and Frontier Frontier is also free, Macs are not. ;->

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Something else that's free -- I'll be running the show at Mactivity on Sunday at 7PM at the San Jose Convention Center, in San Jose, of course. I hope you can come. Lots of webmasters and content and Java developers will be there. There's no charge, and you also get free admission to the Mactivity product showcase that's happening at the same time.

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I'm rushing off to a meeting in a few minutes, I have a longer DaveNet piece in process about the integration of object database technology with web server software. I wrote about this initially in Mac Web Server Performance on 6/17/96. A test version of the software is now publicly released. More information is at:


I want to say more about this, but also wanted to be sure the pointer was out there asap.

That's it for now. I'm listening to Joan Osborne. Everything is totally great! We're having fun and see you on Sunday!

Dave Winer

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