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The Whiteboard Cam

Wednesday, September 25, 1996 by Dave Winer.

Deep in Docs Permalink to Deep in Docs

Yeah-yeah I'm deep in Docs right now. I feel like a manual writer. I guess that's because this week that's what I am. Can't wait to come up for air so I can start doing business development stuff around this new software.

The Windows version of Frontier is coming along. Something will ship by the end of the year.

I have a Windows NT server now. http://ws5.scripting.com/. I've even put a little website on it. Right next to the NT box is a BeBox running its demos and looking very sexy and inviting. Hmmmm.

The Whiteboard Cam Permalink to The Whiteboard Cam

On Sunday, as a diversion, me and my pal Chuck Shotton put up a new thing called a WhiteBoard Cam. It's like a Fishbowl Cam, or a Space Needle Cam, except it points at a whiteboard! Forget about wizzy page editing tools -- this is the ultimate ease in web content tools.

It's just like writing. Duh. Hey you can check it out at http://www.scripting.com/lab/whiteboardcam.html. You can see what my handwriting looks like. Y'all come visit now. Set down for a spell. Good home cookin. Coooool.

And if you need a dose of Dave-writing, watch my news page. I'm doing lots of writing, but it's for script writers and webmasters. I hope to be done with this project by the end of the weekend so I can return to entertaining myself (and you!) with DaveRants.


Seeya soon.


PS: I hate docs!

PPS: Microsoft's new Denali server architecture implements something like our Open Scripting Architecture. It's a gooood match. Yeah! Our object database and scripting and page rendering tools will plug right in. Davey likes this.

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