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It Still Doesn't Parse

Monday, December 23, 1996 by Dave Winer.

The flames from the ducks continue.

I find it troublesome. I've given them the rallying cry! Some say -- Dave, drink the Kool Aid. OK. As usual, people are responding to facts not in evidence. No matter. Next subject!

WebObjects Permalink to WebObjects

WebObjects is a CGI development environment built around Objective C and Next's application framework.

Its strengths are the strengths of NextStep, connections to databases, corporate networks. Very high pricetag, but that could change with Apple ownership. I was concerned that it could upset the cart in the Macintosh web content/server market, but I'm not concerned now.

See http://www.scripting.com/davenet/mail/msg0174.html for an analysis.

Developers Permalink to Developers

I spoke with a few developers over the weekend and received email from many more. There's confusion in the cross-platform developer community. So far no one knows what Apple wants us to do. We're accustomed to a rough ride, but this is rougher than usual.

Be versus Next Permalink to Be versus Next

It seems that Be would have been a better fit for Apple, given the Mac's large role as a multimedia development machine. In choosing Next over Be, Apple will compete directly with Windows NT.

No matter how it plays it out, it seems that Apple inherits the strategy of the company it acquired. Be would have been a better choice because it plays into Apple's strengths. It's not clear that Next does, perhaps quite the opposite.

Other theories Permalink to Other theories

A rumor is flying around that Microsoft is buying Be. I don't think it's true.

Another story, perhaps with more substance, is that Apple is buying Next as part of a strategy to position itself to be acquired by Sun or IBM. Since both these companies have at different times licensed Next's software, I discount the idea, there's nothing new here.

But I don't discount the idea that Apple is positioning itself to be acquired. There's too much history and momentum behind that idea for it to be completely false at this time.

DaveNet Mail Permalink to DaveNet Mail

If you're interested in following this story, check out the DaveNet Mail website at http://www.scripting.com/davenet/mail/.

I can't share all the email I'm getting, but some, I can. And do.

Still diggin!

Dave Winer

PS: Apple is having a press conference at 2:30PM Pacific today. I will attend.

PPS: A WebObjects site: http://www.pixelsight.com/. Coool stuff!

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