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Decision 97

Thursday, January 2, 1997 by Dave Winer.

Good afternoon!

For the last couple of months I've been talking with Rick LePage, a longtime friend and editor-in-chief at MacWEEK, about doing some work together.

We agreed to keep our eyes open for opportunities and this morning we found a great one!

Where are we going? Permalink to Where are we going?

Given Apple's announcements of late December which were well covered in MacWEEK and DaveNet and elsewhere, one of the hot party questions at next week's San Francisco expo is sure to be Where are you going?

We're all going somewhere. Or are we?

Are we going together, or are we dividing up?

Questions questions!

We want answers...

Decision 97 Permalink to Decision 97

So, as a cooperative MacWEEK/DaveNet project, we're conducting a survey of people who actively develop software for the Macintosh.

We want to know what other platforms you currently develop for, and based only on the information you have right now, where are you going? Windows? NextStep? Other versions of Unix? Be OS?

The results will be great fodder for Expo schmoozing, and for journalists who are covering the Mac developer community thru this transition, and for developers who want to know what other developers are doing.

Call to Action Permalink to Call to Action

If you're a Mac developer, please vote. Only one vote per IP address.


For now, the only way to view the results is thru the following link:


We're working on prettier and more informative ways to display the results.

Be sure to watch the "News & Updates" page for new info.

We take a broad view of the term "developer". If you write scripts or databases that others use, do multimedia content development, are a web master or network manager that develops software, please vote.

If you don't develop software that other people use, or if you are not currently developing for the Macintosh platform, please do *not* respond to the survey.

Thanks! Permalink to Thanks!

Thanks for your help, this is going to be fun!

Dave Winer

PS: If you run a web site that's used by Mac developers, please point to the survey page.

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