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Another Live Show!

Saturday, January 4, 1997 by Dave Winer.

Only so much can be expressed in email and on the web. That's why from time to time I like to open DaveNet up to be a personal thing. I get to ask questions, the mike goes in other people's faces, we talk, hopefully laugh a bit, and learn a lot.

We did two live DaveNets in 1996, and on Monday night at 10PM in San Francisco, we'll do it again. It's free and open to the public. You're invited!

It'll probably go until midnight. You may want to have some coffee before you come. Wear your favorite t-shirt. Don't forget to read the tea-leaves. Coooool. You can find out if I reallllly talk this way. At least you can learn how to pronounce these words. ;->

There's lots to talk about. Apple, Java, web development, Microsoft versus Netscape. How about those Mets! Do you think it'll ever stop raining?

The press is welcome. It's the night before Apple speaks. Everything is on the record, for attribution. It's just after the MacUser awards dinner, which I will be attending. Maybe I'll have a trophy with me!


Watch the page above for news of notable people, and for ideas I'd like to discuss. Time-permitting of course. Lots of stuff going on this weekend. RSVPs are welcome.

Survey holds steady Permalink to Survey holds steady

The number of MacWEEK/DaveNet developer survey responses has more than doubled since yesterday at this time, but the percentages remain mostly unchanged.


I'll turn the survey server off tomorrow morning and finalize the numbers. We'll run another survey next week, to measure the response to Apple's announcements on Tuesday.

I've been doing hourly snapshots of the survey results since Thursday at 6PM. When the survey is closed I'll upload all the snapshots. Watch the "News & Updates" page for a pointer on Sunday morning.

I've already released the source code for the CGI scripts. The scripts are free. If you know how to program in Frontier, or want to learn, these scripts make it easy to set up your own voting server.


Apple update Permalink to Apple update

Apple's financial news, announced yesterday, a $100-150 million loss for the just-closed quarter, shifts the focus from Next to the viability of Apple as an independent company.

An interesting essay comes from Richard Sucgang, a postdoctoral fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine. It's on the DaveNet Mail website at:


It's a great resource Permalink to It's a great resource

DaveNet is a great resource! Yesterday I asked how to get rid of the spurious =20s and 24 hours later I know the solution.

If you use Eudora on the Mac, be sure to turn off the "May use quoted-printable" checkbox in the Settings window. I don't understand what it does, nor do I want to (please) but leaving it turned on adds the =20s and turning it off gets rid of them.

See you on Monday night!

Dave Winer

PS: Many thanks to http://www.mactivity.com/, and Gary Stein, gary@mactivity.com, for sponsoring DaveNet Live.

PPS: Thanks to WebCollage, http://www.webcollage.com/ for the dynamic graphic on the "News & Updates" page. WebCollage is a breakthrough product. I love what it does.

PPPS: And thanks to http://www.conxion.com/ for great Internet service. My T1 line is holding up like a champ. And even when it doesn't (for one hour yesterday) they were right on top of it, called me before I noticed, and fixed the problem quickly.

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