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Thursday, March 6, 1997 by Dave Winer.

Good morning!

We've been working on Apple's web presence for the InternetWorld show next week in Los Angeles. As part of the site, we'll focus on the achievements of the Macintosh net developer community. If you're part of that community, we'd like to include you, your product, and/or company in the site.

The site is designed around a central news page. New stories will be linked into that page. We'll develop new structures to fit the kind of stories and links we receive.

It'll happen in a special news room set up at the Apple booth. We're also going to demo the software on stage in Gil Amelio's keynote. The goal is to create, in real-time, a dynamic site, with lots of cool stuff that makes people want to come back again and again.

Apple & the Internet Permalink to Apple & the Internet

Apple's new Internet strategy is built around the products created by the Mac net development community. Just by making the Mac a better net platform, you can become part of Apple's Internet strategy.

Even if you're not attending InternetWorld, you and/or your company can participate in the web site. Do you have an announcement you'd like to make next week? Think about it. If you're not saying something to your customers and potential customers, maybe you want to?

It's OK to create a special page for this event, with links to your products, or you can point to an already-existing page that describes your Mac net product.

Register your site Permalink to Register your site

We've put up a page with more info and a registration form at:


If you're a Mac net developer, please visit that page to link your site to Apple's InternetWorld site. If you know a Mac net developer, please forward this message to them.

Thanks for your help and let's have a great show!

Dave Winer

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