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Fire Drill!

Monday, March 10, 1997 by Dave Winer.

Goood morning!

I've had three projects burning on my plate for the last few days, and they're very different kinds of things.

It's just like a fire drill...

But it's real! ;->

The Stage Permalink to The Stage

First, I've been getting ready to demo my stuff on the keynote stage with Apple chairman Gil Amelio on Wednesday.

It's going to be a great great show. But I'm praying to The Demo God, and to The Baseball God, just for extra luck!

Pointer: Wednesday 3/12/97, 1:15-2PM, North Hall Auditorium of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Site Permalink to The Site

Second, we did a deal with Apple to produce the news room part of their InternetWorld web presence. I'm the lead webmaster on the project, working with Sandy Ware, Karl May and Tim Bernsen of Apple, Brent Simmons of Worldwide Power and Light, and Raines Cohen of NetProfessional magazine.

Dozens of writers will work with us on the project. The goal is to cover the news and culture of an important trade show, as it's never been done before. We hope to learn about dynamic sites with lots of authors, and put our new content server software thru a real-world field test.

The site is on the air now. If you're interested in what's happening at InternetWorld, please bookmark the page, and go back several times a day. It'll change rapidly as stories develop.

Pointer: http://apple.www.conxion.com/newsRoom/.

The Booth Permalink to The Booth

If you'll be at the show, please write for the News Room site. Instructions are on the About page. Anyone can write for the site, we're covering the whole show, with a specific focus on Mac-related stuff.

Did you see something interesting? Or overhear something? How did my demo go? Are you having fun? Not? Why? We're looking for technology stories, but also the human side of the show.

Our act won't be fully together until Wednesday morning. In the meantime if you have a story, send it to the webmaster mail address below. Please read the instructions on the site first.

We've got a nice large corner of the Apple booth for the physical implementation of the News Room site. There will be several editing workstations there, enclosed in a glass room. We'll be editing the site there, the new Content Server will be running in the booth, and uploading finished pages to Conxion's server in San Jose.

Depending on the flow, you'll be able to write stories in the booth, but please keep them short, or in the Apple Internet Cafe room, where Apple will provide Macs with email and editing software to write for the News Room site.

If any of this is confusing (I can see why it might) just come by the Apple booth, look for the News Room, and look for me, Sandy Ware, Karl May or Brent Simmons, or anyone else who looks like they know what they're doing.

I hope we're swamped at the booth! But I also hope you get to write your story. We'll work it out...

Pointer: Booth 2034, Los Angeles Convention Center.

Apple Internet Cafe: Room 404A.

Email: webmaster@content.scripting.com.

Is it really a fire drill? Permalink to Is it really a fire drill?

Or is it a moon mission? I don't know!

But it's coming together and it's already grrreat fun!

See you in Los Angeles!

Dave Winer

PS: Many thanks to the pros at Conxion for stepping up as the Internet service provider for the News Room site.

PPS: Bring a digital camera with you, take some neat pictures. We'll help you get them on the web.

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