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Saturday, March 15, 1997 by Dave Winer.

From Guerrino De Luca, deluca@apple.com, vice-president of marketing at Apple Computer, sent yesterday, in reply to Apple Changes:

"It has been a long day for all of us at Apple, but I feel the need to get back to you today about a few factual inaccuracies in your summary of our phone call.

Re Performas: "I did say we will discontinue the Performa trademark, not the Performa line. The Performa line is in the stores and people want to buy these products. I also said that the reason we are discontinuing that trademark/brand is the confusion it generates in our customers (some customers have asked us whether they should buy a Performa or a Mac).

"The existence of separate business units (an issue for other reasons, as I told you) was not the reason of the existence of the Performa brand name. Actually, the discontinuation of the Performa name had been decided by the consumer business unit itself.

Re Allegro: "I said that Allegro 'might' be called Mac OS 9, not that 'it will'. Subtle difference, but factual.

Re scripting: "What I said is that there are technical assessments being worked out on how to implement scripting for Rhapsody's 'yellow box' and that we would involve the Mac developers in the discussion. AppleScript remains for Mac OS and the 'blue box' of Rhapsody.

Re WebObjects pricing: "It is actually $25,000 per processor - for a multiprocessor server deployment, the price is N times $25K.

Re Mac clones: "Choice is what our customers have learned to expect. And choice they will have.

Re Macs are better than PCs: "Yes, I did say that, and I mean it!!! More precisely, Macs are better than Wintel PCs.

Re Mac is bigger than the Internet: "I said it, and I meant that lots of our satisfied customers do not necessarily buy Mac for the net. I did not mean to say, obviously, that Internet is not a huge opportunity for the Mac. I am not dumb."


Sorry for the confusion, glad to get the opportunity to clear it up.

Dave Winer

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