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What a Weekend!

Monday, April 7, 1997 by Dave Winer.

Hey if you're just getting in on a Monday morning, a couple of new pieces over the weekend, thoughts from Apple founder Steve Wozniak, followed by a revealing view of Java from Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and then to cap it off, Microsoft announces that it had bought WebTV.

While all this was flowing, more was happening. But many of the print-based news organizations on the web go to sleep on weekends. Not true of the TV networks or Associated Press, or DaveNet.

Anyone who's serious about being in this business has to have a home page that's fully staffed 7-by-24. It's clear that the media players are going to use the weekends to get their messages out. It's quiet on the net on weekends, so you can be heard better. Hmmmm. It's all going to flatten out, it's a worldwide business, soon we're going to be on the air all the time, not just the servers, the people too.

I dig watching stories develop on the web. I expect it will get more interesting in the next few months. If you want to see what happened this weekend, check out the website. It'll take an hour to go thru what's new, but you can see that our industry is being restructured. Before your eyes!

More stuff coming soooon.

Dave Winer

PS: If anyone in a responsible position at Sun is tuned in, it would be great to get an on-the-record rebuttal to Gates. Thanks!

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