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Competing with Bill

Tuesday, September 9, 1997 by Dave Winer.

I'm doing three live events in the next few weeks that I want you all to know about. Here's an opportunity for people to participate in three aspects of DaveNet: gossip and storytelling, web authoring and software industry politics.

The best stuff!

I compete with Bill Gates! Permalink to I compete with Bill Gates!

On September 30 I'll be running a live session at the Seybold Conference in San Francisco. It's free and open to the public.

There's a twist to this session. Soon after announcing it I learned that Microsoft is having a party at the same time in SF to celebrate the shipment of MSIE 4.0/Win. Bill Gates will be there! Wow. I would have enjoyed being at his show.

I imagined an empty DaveNet hall. Me with mike, and a smattering of enthusiasts. I imagined that all the cooool people would be at Microsoft's party.

Hmmmm. Then I realized there are probably a few really interesting people who won't be invited to the Microsoft bash, who would like to get some airtime at the same time as Gates. Let's fill the house with people who compete with Microsoft! What a trip. There's strength in numbers.

So, a message to smart PR people everywhere, here's your chance to get your visionaries on the record. I'm dealing. Microsoft is making Seybold an industry venue this year. I like that. We have space available at DaveNet. Send email to dave@scripting.com.


We'll have fun!

Digital Storytelling in Colorado Permalink to Digital Storytelling in Colorado

Next week I'll be in Crested Butte, Colorado at the Digital Storytelling Festival. I'm doing the opening "Who are we?" session and acting as the informal editor-in-chief for the website that we'll write during the conference.

I'm totally looking forward to this show. Lots of hikes and campfires and a chance to explore the warm and sensual side of the web. Colorado in the fall is spectacularly beautful! So romantic.


Web Builder Conference in New Orleans Permalink to Web Builder Conference in New Orleans

New Orleans is romantic too, especially in October, when the threat of hurricanes is still there. It could be a preview of the El Niño effect we'll be having in California this winter. Anyway I ramble...

October 13-15 in New Orleans I'm leading three opening sessions at c|net's Web Builder conference. My job is to get the audience involved. To lead a discussion that's much like the one we'll do in San Francisco, except this one is for web geeks, gals and guys, people who make their living doing the technical work of running large interesting websites.

The twist this time is that I'll do the same session three times on three days. So the discussion can extend over several days, and thru all the conference sessions.

I also love New Orleans, any time of year. I lived there for three years in the 70s, graduating from Tulane (math major) in 1976. It'll be like a homecoming for me.

So if you're a web developer I hope you'll join me in New Orleans in October.


Dave Winer

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