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Hey Pocky Way!

Sunday, May 24, 1998 by Dave Winer.

Little bitty boy, with a heart of steel. I know you can't boogie now, but your sister sure will. Feel. Good music in your soul. It's going to make your body rock and roll. Hey hey hey. Hey Pocky Way!


Hey it's Memorial Day in the USA. What am I memorializing this morning? The Neville Brothers and New Orleans music. Professor Longhair, the Dixie Cups, Dr. John. What nice stuff... Yeah!

DJ Dave here. I finally have my Windows music act together. One song in the playlist. Continuous play turned on. I can dance while I write. It's the fun way to write.

An amateur talent show Permalink to An amateur talent show

Hey man, do you sit on the sidelines while everyone is dancing? If you dance, do you notice that some people have fun while others feel uncomfortable?

I could dance when I was a kid. Somewhere inbetween then and a few years ago I lost the ability to dance without worrying that I was looking silly. And of course worrying about that makes you look even sillier, and it spirals round and round, and it's not fun.

Then one evening, quite surprisingly, I saw a fat naked woman dancing at an amateur talent show. I had to look. She was good! Her big fat body had the rhythm of the music. Her huge breasts swung to the beat. A big funky happy smile on her face! It made the point. If a big fat naked woman can dance so beautifully in public, what do I have to worry about?

Hey it's quite the opposite way. The sillier your body looks the more fun you have dancing! The dance is about the smile on your face. That's all it's about. What better way to have fun than to laugh at the funky body you have? That's why a fat naked chick dancing in public can have so much fun. And that's how she taught me the secret to dancing.

Dancing tutorial Permalink to Dancing tutorial

So now I'm dancing as I write this, but I'm wearing clothes, don't worry. I think I can write a little dancing tutorial. The trick is to get the beat of the music to flow thru whatever you're doing. It helps if the music you're listening to has a beat that's hard to miss. The Neville Brothers certainly qualify. It's even better if it has a *funky* beat, because that puts the smile on your face right away. The funkiness *is* the smile... Get it?

OK. So as the music starts up, I hope it's loud enough but not toooo loud, let your body start moving, don't worry at all about dancing to the music. Just start moving. Let your arms jangle. Do something silly. Need an idea? Move your hands in front of your face. Put your palms up and massage the underside an invisible plate in front of you. Bounce up and down with your hands moving in this stupid way. Then do it your own most stupid way. Roll your eyes back inside your head. Sing along. Laugh! That's the key to dancing. It's your thing. Do what you want to do! It's the rhythm that's in you. That's the first thing to know. There's no right way to dance, no right set of steps. It's you man. It's you woman.

Now you're moving! Start paying attention to the music. See if you can get some of it to flow thru your body. Bounce up when the music bounces up. Let it down when the beat comes down. Do it again. Now start walking. Let your left hip lead you and bend backwards as you step. Now let your right hip lead. Go somewhere. Smile. Shout loudly. Wooo hooo! Shout something stupid. Make eye contact with someone. Bounce your bounce, but dig their's too. Do you get in synch? No? That's OK! Smile, laugh. Bounce somewhere else. Do it again.

When the song's finished, catch your breath, wipe the sweat off, and laugh! If you feel like it go get a drink and watch the other happy people. In a minute you'll be dancing again. Righhhhhhht. Ooooooh.

That's what dancing is about to me.

Hey Hey Hey Hey Pocky Way! Yay yay yay!

Dave Dave Dave

PS: Don't forget to breathe. Take a deep breath on your up beat. Let it out on a down beat. Breathe deeply, the deeper the better. Let it go whatever it is.

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