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As time goes by

Thursday, December 30, 1999 by Dave Winer.

You must remember this  Permalink to You must remember this

A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.

The fundamental things of life as time goes by.

And when two lovers woo  Permalink to And when two lovers woo

They still say I love you, on that you can rely.

No matter what the future brings, as time goes by.

Constancy  Permalink to Constancy

Life is short, simple and sweet.

Think of the unlocked doors.

Think of a friend who calls just to say hello.

Think of a kiss..

A kiss  Permalink to A kiss

Think of a kiss on a stormy night, with rain falling on you and your lover's hair, faces, bodies. Think how it didn't matter. Think how much better it made it.

Moonlight and love songs. Never out of date. Hearts full of passion, jealousy and hate.

Welcome!  Permalink to Welcome!

The world will always welcome lovers.

No truer words ever spoken. (Or sung.)

As time goes by.

Sing the song  Permalink to Sing the song

A kiss is still a kiss, and is so much more important than the hurt that stands in the way.

Keep it simple, remember that life is short and let it be sweet.

Let it be. The past is the past. It's over now.

I forgive you, and I ask for forgiveness.

The big one  Permalink to The big one

Hey, we all get a clean slate this time around.

Tomorrow is everyone's birthday.

It's the big rollover.

As time goes by..

Dave Winer  Permalink to Dave Winer

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