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Later it will be too late

Saturday, November 11, 2000 by Dave Winer.

Disclosure Permalink to Disclosure

I have not said how I voted in Tuesday's election, or even that I voted at all. I never urged anyone to vote. That was a conscious decision. In such a close election, I felt it was important to simply take responsibility for my own vote, and no one else's.

I voted for Gore. I am not a member of either major US party. I vote independently in each election. I've been watching the post-election process as carefully as I can, while doing my job, as I assume many of you have, as well.

Seeking an endpoint Permalink to Seeking an endpoint

This afternoon I caught up on today's press conferences, both sides, and I see a serious problem. The Republican Party has said that it will abide by the results in Florida. If they lose after the recount is complete, late next week, they will concede.

The Democrats, when asked the same question, repeatedly, refuse to commit. After enough recounts I'm concerned that the balance will switch to Gore. At that point the Democrats are likely to remind us of the commitment the Republicans made. This will be unfair, and as a modestly intelligent person, I know it.

Why Gore? Permalink to Why Gore?

Unlike some, I have no strong feelings in favor of Gore. It would be all right with me if Bush was the next president.

There's a lot to dislike about Gore. I am strongly opposed to his position on the death penalty. He's taken action against free speech on the Internet, at the same time raising substantial amounts of money in the technology industry. I thought his behavior during the debates exposed personal issues that are likely to be a problem if he is our President.

And while I believe he has more honor than Clinton, my ego wants satisfaction for the hell the Democrats dragged us through during the Clinton scandals. However, I put that aside when making my decision, and went for Gore, because his positions more closely match mine than Bush's. With no enthusiasm, I chose the lesser of two evils.

Later it will be too late Permalink to Later it will be too late

The Republicans have made a fair offer that I feel the Democrats can and should accept, for the sake of our country. Now it's time for the Democrats to repudiate the selfishness of Clinton. It's not all or nothing. Later it will be too late.

Dave Winer

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