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Monday, December 17, 2001 by Dave Winer.

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Well the year is winding to a close. In past years I reviewed the writing for the past year to see what I could glean from it. This year I did something different.

Early in December I started making a list of weblogs I read regularly and sorted them into categories. I came up with a set of qualities that I value in a weblog. I like weblogs that take me to interesting places, and say interesting things about those places. It doesn't really matter what kind of attitude the person has. I like as many irascible blogs as ones that are more mellow.

Longevity also matters. Visiting a favorite weblog is like checking in on a friend or family member. The same strings get pulled. How are they doing? Inside myself many of these people feel familiar, even though I've never met most of them face to face.

One thing led to another and this list of favorite blogs became an awards website where people can vote on their favorites, including fifteen nominees for Blogger Of The Year.


I hope you check it out, if for no other reason than these are the weblogs that in 2001 said something important and interesting, to me. You might want to check these sites from time to time, and see whazzup in the world of weblogs.

In early-mid January we'll announce the winners, with much fanfare and adulation. But know that they're all great reads. The quality has gotten good enough that it makes sense to have awards. Nice!

Dave Winer

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