DaveNet: Tuesday, July 15, 1997; by Dave Winer.

blue ribbon Response to Mackido

Please read this piece on Mackido and then come back here...


Earlier this week I had a different response on this page. I deleted it because I didn't want to continue in the discussion it created.

Something really bothered me about my response, and I wanted to give myself some time to figure out what that is.

Here it is...

Let's look to the future

Let's move on.

We could be brothers.

Why aren't we?


Brothers don't always agree. Brothers can challenge each other. Brothers can change and grow. Brothers can compete. Brothers can strive to be better, and to make each other better.

I talk about brotherhood in this DaveNet piece from last year...



Can we agree that we both want the Mac platform to do better in the future, to grow, to support new innovation and to be a more powerful playground for creative people?

It's about the connection between you and me, not your connection to Apple and mine. After thirteen years in the Mac software business, this has been my greatest frustration. Developers don't see the power in supporting each other.

What can I do?

What can I do to make you more powerful? What can you do to make me more powerful? Check in with Rich Siegel (BBEdit) and Chuck Shotton (WebSTAR) on what it's like to work with others when we empower each other instead of disabling each other. Now read this DaveNet piece:


An American artist

You write about me as a bitter man. That tells me more about you than it tells me about me. You want to see a bitter man right now. I forgive you for giving that to me.

Instead I see a passionate and beautiful man who writes gorgeous prose and great software. I have a strong body and a strong mind and a big heart. I am a poet, an American artist. I dream about other solar systems. I am improbable. My parents and grandparents fled the Nazis and almost died. I had acute appendicitis when I was seven and I almost died. It's a miracle that I'm here at all.

I've had a rich life. I am not afraid of myself. I love myself. I am my best friend. I am a mature man. I know myself. I don't need you to define me, for me.


I fall sometimes, when that happens, I get up and do it again!


My favorite line from that piece -- "Don't fall asleep!" It's a pun. (You're wide awake, totally in the moment, when you're falling. If you're asleep, it wakes you up.)


You think I've been inconsistent? I cop to that.

Like everyone, I'm a moving target, always changing, always growing, always going forward. It's impossible for me to stand still.

Check out this piece...


People change. That's the way it is.

Let's have fun!

I offer my hand in friendship. What's your response?

Love or fear. Which is moving you right now?

I believe in you!


Do you believe in me?


Come along for the ride Mr. Every. Let's entertain each other with our creativity rather than paralyzing each other in our fear.


You think I've been too negative? Show me the way. Start by being positive about me, and it will be easier for me to be positive about you.

Thanks for listening!

Dave Winer

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