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FinderMenu Change Notes

This page explains new features and fixes for the FinderMenu package.

Download and how to install

You can download the current version of the scripts from:

To install, double-click on each of the Frontier files and click on OK to all confirmation dialogs.

Tue, Feb 11, 1997 at 5:47:18 AM by DW

  • Create StuffIt Archive in the Net sub-menu

    This command makes it easy to create a StuffIt archive in BinHex format, of the files and folders you have selected in the Finder.

    To use the command, select the files and choose the command. A standard file dialog appears asking where you want to place the archive file. It remembers the last location you chose.

    If you have StuffIt Engine installed in your System Folder, the command will go directly to the engine, otherwise it attempts to launch the StuffIt application.

    People who maintain FTP archives on their LAN will appreciate this command. I use it to maintain, which is running on a Windows NT machine. on my LAN.

  • Set Mod Date command in the Utilities menu

    This command makes it easy to change the modification date for any file or set of files.

    To use the command, select the files you want to change in the Finder, and choose the command. A dialog appears asking for the new date/time, defaulting to the current date and time. Change the string if you want, then click on OK.

    Many people want to have uniform mod dates when they're releasing a new piece of software. It also helps to group files when you're viewing by date in the Finder.

  • WebSTAR Re-direct command in the Net sub-menu

    This command makes it easy to redirect a file being served by WebSTAR to a different URL.

    To use the command, select the file you want to redirect in the Finder and choose the command WebSTAR Re-direct command from the Net sub-menu. A dialog appears asking what URL you want to redirect to. Enter the URL and click on OK.

    It attempts to make a copy of the original file with .orig added to the end of its name.

    To test it out, try accessing the file thru a web browser. You may have to clear your cache before you can see the effect.

    This command may work with other web servers. It creates a file of type RAW! and sets the text in the file to 302 Found response.

  • More stack space for reconciling

    For complex folder structures, the Reconcile Folders command would run out of stack space. The solution is to run the reconciler in a separate thread in Frontier, so instead of running on the Finder's stack, we run on Frontier's, which is better tuned for threading.

    I set up a test case that failed, rewrote the reconciler script, re-ran the test and it worked.

    You may need to use the SetFrontierStackSize desktop script, in the Misc Stuff folder, to set a higher stack size if you get an out-of-memory message from Frontier.

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