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Microsoft's Mac Web Server

Microsoft's personal web server works well with Frontier.

Microsoft has released new web server software, the Microsoft Personal Web Server, or MPWS.

MPWS was acquired from ResNova Software. We worked with them before the product was acquired, and continue to work with the team now that they're at Microsoft, to be sure that it's a great CGI scripting server for Frontier. Thanks!

Like Frontier, MPWS is free. You can download the web server software from Microsoft's website.

If you're new to Frontier, you can get the latest version from the Frontier 4.2 Download Page.

CGI scripting with Frontier

Frontier is a powerful multi-threaded native scripting environment, but the CGI framework makes it very easy to build net-based applications with Frontier.

See CGI Scripting in Frontier for a tutorial on creating CGIs with Frontier.

To connect MPWS to Frontier, create an alias of the Frontier application in the "My Personal Web Site" folder called frontier.acgi.

That's all you need to do, you don't have to set up an action or suffix mapping. It ships with a built-in connection to Frontier, it knows to map suffixes ending with ".fcgi" to the app named frontier.acgi in the web content folder.

To test it out, type:

into your web browser, of course subsituting the domain name or IP address of your server in place of

A new version of the CGI Framework is in development, and will be included in Frontier 4.2.1, expected shortly (2/28/97). You can download a beta of the framework from the Worldwide Power and Light website.

What is Frontier? is a page of text and pointers that guides you thru your exploration of Frontier.

Finally, a hearty welcome to Microsoft's customers! You're using a great server created by cooool people. Thanks for visiting.

Dave Winer
Fri, Feb 28, 1997

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