If you're a Frontier user and wish to upgrade to Frontier 4.2, please visit the Fronter 4.2 Upgrade page. The latest upgrade is 4.2.3. If you're new to Frontier, please follow these instructions...
standingHorse Picture Downloading Frontier 4.2.3
Five easy steps...
  1. Read the License Agreement and do not download or use the software unless you agree to abide by its terms.

  2. Download the Frontier 4.2.3 package. Debinhex and unstuff the archive. Open the folder. Having trouble downloading? Check out the mirror sites page.

  3. Download the Online Docs folder. Debinhex and unstuff the archive. Move folder into your Frontier folder. It's a mirror of the Frontier website, you might want to download the docs on a periodic basis.

  4. Install the extensions. Open the Misc Stuff sub-folder, then its sub-folder, Copy to System Folder. There are two extensions -- OSA Menu allows you to run scripts from the Finder's menu bar; and IdleTime allows scripts to know how long it's been since a user clicked the mouse or a key. Both are optional but recommended. To install, copy the files to your System Folder and restart.

  5. Launch Frontier. A dialog asks for your name, organization and initials. Please read the license agreement. That's it. Welcome to Frontier 4.2.3!

standingHorse Picture Where to go from here?
Resources for new Frontier users...

  1. What is Frontier? This page gives you the necessary background to understand what Frontier does, who it is for, and whether it is likely to help you in your work.

  2. Matt Neuburg's web tutorial. It's the smoothest introduction to website management with Frontier.

  3. Start with Chapter 1. The Frontier User's Guide takes you thru all the central features of Frontier, the object database, menus, script writing, verbs; with lots of screen shots and examples.

  4. Frontier Site Outline. Gives you an overview of all the information resources available on this website.

  5. New Features in Frontier 4.2. Points to the features and technology that were added in version 4.2.

  6. 4.2.1 Upgrade. Explains the fixes and new features in version 4.2.1.

  7. 4.2.2 added support for Fat Web Pages.

  8. Staying in Touch. Please watch the News & Updates page. Use the Frontier Mailing Lists to ask questions and solve problems.

standingHorse Picture Thanks for Checking Out Frontier...
We hope you like it!