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April 1997 Archives

Here's the second batch of software that I'm putting into a time capsule.

Last month I saved a bunch of old websites and source code and Frontier releases on the Frontier Download Archives page. This month I'm releasing more stuff.

If you want an idea why I'm doing it, check out the DaveNet piece, "Saving Software".

Anyway, this month I'm saving off the contents of my UCMDs & XCMDs folder. It's got the C source for most of the code extensions I've written over the last few years. It should be possible, even desirable, to convert some of this code to other formats, such as OSAXs, or whatever... some of the stuff is OS-independent.

Also included are three versions of Frontier SDK. UCMDs need the IAC Tools library. Some of the projects are built with Metrowerks, most of them are in Symantec C++ 7.0.

Just for fun I included the source code for a Calendar applet and for Bullet, the presentation program that runs off Frontier outlines thru Outline Sharing. Do you know about Outline Sharing? It's part of Frontier SDK and it's coool.

Dave Winer
April 11, 1997

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