This is a test
Friday, November 20, 2015 by Dave Winer

If you're seeing this in an RSS reader or on Medium, please click this link if you want to help me test my new CMS. 

  1. Click the menu in the upper right corner, sign on via Twitter, the last command.
  2. Choose Reply from the popup menu in the byline of the post, A little box should open up below the text. 
  3. Type something like Hello World in that box and press Return.
  4. Then you should see the text on the page with your name above it.
  5. If you click on the text you should be able to edit it. Press Return to save changes. 
  6. If you like it, click the Thumb-up icon to like it. (You know how that works.)

If it blew up on you somewhere in all that, please accept my apologies!

  • Andrew Wooldridge is reporting problems in this thread on Facebook.

    • Don't see a byline anywhere, there is a little triangle that I clicked on to reply to this comment but no where to start a new comment? Perhaps that's a twitter thing, don't use it for much.

    • Dave,

      Thanks for blogging about your experience with learning node.js.

      I came across this. For $9.00 it's well work it.



  • I am not Dave. So the question is this -- can I reply? We'll find out right now! (Holy Hannah! It twerked.)

  • a reply

    • Hey 

    • I can reply!

  • I am trying to create a reply now.

  • I am Bull Mancuso. And you are Numb Nuts.

  • One more time.

  • Hoopla and Ballyhoo!

    • Bingo bongo bingo.

  • ringo bingo bongo

  • lingo bingo pingo ringo wingo

  • I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore.

  • Hi Dave. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • This is a test.

  • Another test

    • And I can reply to replies. Very nice.

      • Indeed you can. And so can I. wink

        • And do so from an iPad? Guess so.

          • Nice to see you here Dr. Ken!

            • Cheers!

            • I see you can revise a posted item. Not sure I can yet, though.

              • Tried to edit a posted item just now, got this: Can't post the chat message because the accessToken is not valid. Now, editing...

                • Try doing this again. I fixed a bug. (BTW, this is Dave, using a different account, for testing. So I can see the bugs you all see.)

                  • Like a charm...  [In case it matters, I'm working from the desktop machine now, a Mini, in Chrome. Earlier it was an iPad in, I think, Safari.]

                    • Just dazzled here to notice that the software _instantly_ recognizes any of _my_ comments that I tap into here as mine and just as instantly opens the edit window.

                      • Yup. There is more dazzling yet to come, I hope. We're just beginning this little trip. wink

                        • This comment thread is several level deep

  • I had to loop through the test twice. Error message first time said something about "not enough tokens." Didn't take a screenshot. Delay on Twitter login??? Sorry about that. Worked like a charm the second time.

    • You were posting while I was fixing bugs. It's all good. wink

  • Testing on iPad

  • Can't edit in Safari on iPad. Error message was "Can't post the chat message because the accessToken is not valid."

    • Please try again. Does it happen now?

  • Baba Booey

  • Hello Dave. This is interesting. Picked it up from my RSS reader.

  • Cool. I had to refresh the page after signing in with Twitter in order to be able to use the 'Reply' function. I had been grayed out.

    • Replying to my own reply.

  • Hello Dave-world.  OK from Chrome on Mac.

    • Reader is Old Reader.

  • +1 more for chrome/mac.
    - Had to refresh to see the reply; otherwise, bang-up job.
    - Can't seem to like. I tried and tried...

    • Heh. I broke something while fixing something else. Please try again.

  • Exciting. I enjoy watching you work. (via Safari, El Capitan)

  • Neato!

  • Hi Dave. Sorry it took so long. It works

  • Cool work Dave!

  • Great to be testing this out. Nice work. Love the click-to-edit feature. Glad you've added likes.

  • Trying a reply.

    • it worked!

  • Awesome!

  • Hello Dave.  Go Knicks!

  • Seems to be working, Dave wink

  • Hey Dave, it works. I read in Medium. 

  • replying like there's no today

  • Loving this Dave! FYI, on my iPhone6 I am unable to see the upper-right menu bar to sign into twitter. Works perfectly on desktop

    • Thanks. I know I've pretty much fucked up the mobile UI in the last few days. Still have a bunch of sweeping up to do. Glad you like it. This time around, knock wood, the technology foundation is real solid.

  • A test, only a test.

  • ahoy!

  • Strictly speaking, this shouldn't be possible. And yet, it is.

  • SlackALike ... that's an exciting name!

  • Seems to be working here, but it didn't work at all from my Android phone.

  • Just send cash...and the edit worked

  • Dave,  I tried to send this to dave at but it bounced disappointed

    Thanks for blogging about your experience with learning node.js.

    I came across this. For $9.00 it's well work it.


    -Ray Fleischmann

  • ceci n'est pas un test

  • Great work Dave!!

  • Works - although finding the "Reply" link wasn't immediately obvious from your quick instructions.

  • Hejsan, världen.

  • Hello, Dave. It is editable.

  • Hello Dave. [edit] Yup editable.[end edit] If useful, started from the feedly web interface.