About the funny new linkblog urls
Saturday, December 26, 2015 by Dave Winer

About the funny URLs you might have seen in my linkblog flow on Facebook, Twitter or in the feed

I've had a domain for a while looking for something to do with it. 

The domain: pocalyp.se.

It's really sweet because it's designed to have prefixes like trump, tech or dave. It's place where I get to have some fun. Technically it's a URL shortener, but oddly the URLs often are longer. ;-)

I know it makes the links more fragile, I'm backing them up in static files so if I stop using this software, I can revert to a static server. It's not a bad backup, I've used it before. 

The great thing about it is that it's a way of categorizing and grouping links. I usually get tired of classifying posts, so something I'll actually use is a big deal. So far I'm using this one.

An example: http://beatles.pocalyp.se/0 points to a great John Lennon song.

The code is available on GitHub, MIT License. 

PS: There are easter eggs around here. ;-)

PPS: They're kind of like emoji for URLs.

  • What a fun idea. What about adding a /random to each domain that will re-direct you to any of the shortened links?

    • Interesting. It would be quite easy to do.