Why HRC is our best choice
Saturday, January 30, 2016 by Dave Winer

Okay I've said why Trump is doing so well, now why Hillary Clinton is our best choice. Everyone talks about how great Sanders is and how HRC is okay, but actually she's just the right person to follow Obama imho. 

The world is scared of us, but not in a good way. They're not scared because they're all bad guys and we're the good guys, they're scared because we're acting crazy, have been for quite a while, and it's getting worse. 

Sure the President should inspire us, but more important imho the President should be a good representative for us internationally. As crazy as Congress is, if we elect HRC, the rest of the world can relax a little, because the lunacy quotient has steadied a bit. We still have all the crazyness in Congress, but after the election the Republicans are going through, they might just calm down a little if we avoid Trump or Cruz as President. Either of them would change the Republican Party so much as to make it unrecognizable. And probably not in a good way if you're hoping for a return to sanity, as I am.

So it's not like I'd love to have Bernie but I'm settling for Hillary. I view this as a baseball manager trying to decide who should bat next. Should we send in someone who might walk or get a hit, but probably isn't going to strike out, but won't hit a home run either? Or should I put in someone who will swing for the fences knowing there's a very high probability they'll strike out. 

In 2008 we needed the latter. We needed a miracle, and we got one. But 2016 is not 2008. 

At this moment, we need a solid hitter, someone who the rest of the world is comfortable with, and who a deeply injured Republican Party can work with. The US has been a bronco the last decade or two, starting wars, leading to huge instability around the world and taken unnecessary risks with the world economy. Real recklessness. 

Time to sober up, everyone. Or else.

No I don't think it would be lunacy to elect Sanders, but I do think it would be lunacy to elect Trump. I believe HRC is as honest as any politician, including Sanders who imho is selling some real snake oil. And her honesty isn't the issue exactly. The issue is what kind of world do we want and what do we want our role in it to be.