Oh the places this post will go!
Wednesday, February 24, 2016 by Dave Winer

Now when I post something new on my blog, it automatically flows out to people who follow my RSS feed, to people who follow me on Medium, and through Facebook's algorithm as an Instant Article.  

This is the first new post that will go to all those places.

Even better, when I update this post, Facebook will automatically get the update. So will readers on my blog. However Medium and people reading via RSS, unless their RSS app has been programmed to do updates (I don't know of any, but it is possible) will not get updates. 

Twitter will get a link via Radio3 , however because this post occupies more than 140 chars, they will only get a link. I hope at some point they relax that limit. 

This is progress! Seriously. It's a big deal. ;-)

PS: Earlier today I wrote a post that explains at a high level how this works.