Liveblogging Super Tuesday
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 by Dave Winer

If you see this in your reader, you might want to click this link and leave it open. I'm going to type in notes as the night goes on. You'll see the updates without having to reload the page.

  1. Trump's ambivalence about the KKK shows that dog whistles are not entirely over. The line has just moved into previously unthinkable territory.
  2. On MSNBC they're not considering the most likely explanation for Trump's KKK confusion. He's actually a white supremacist.
  3. How the Repubs gave us Donald Trump. A must-read.
  4. When the results from Georgia were reported they had a big picture of Hillary Clinton next to Donald Trump. I thought who could have predicted this a year ago. Clinton yes, of course. But this combination.
  5. Brian Williams is impossible to watch. Rachel Maddow must totally hate this having to be moderated by such an empty suit.
  6. Hey I like this. It's like my own Twitter. Heh.
  7. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. (Sung to the tune of Spam Spam Spam Spam.) 
  8. Very interesting how WNYC reports election returns in tweet graphics.
  9. BTW, the updates flow through to the IA version on Facebook. That's some good realtime. Pretty incredible for a huge company! :-)
  10. Wouldn't it be smart for Twitter to upgrade the technology for cards? They're just using bitmaps. How about a subset of HTML. Wouldn't be expensive or dangerous.
  11. Do you wonder how long it takes from me pressing Update to you seeing the change on your screen? Much less than 1 second. The net in 2016 is really fast. 
  12. There are 50 people watching this page right now.
  13. Little Marco isn't such a bad name. 
  14. More love and kindness. It works. 
  15. HRC should start talking about taking back Congress. Right now is the time to strike. The repubs are in total disarray. Might even get some Repub incumbents wanting to change parties.
  16. Trump has created a White House ballroom/TV studio in his house in Florida. This is a new thing.
  17. Obviously the last man standing is Cruz. Goodbye Little Marco.
  18. Oh Christ it's that asshole again.
  19. Goodnight everybody! :-)