Americans don't listen anymore
Monday, March 14, 2016 by Dave Winer

A tweetstorm from Stewart Butterfield, a tech industry exec. No need to repeat it here. I responded in a comment on the Facebook version of the sequence.

A lot of this is very wrong. They are real people. They are not going away any faster than you or I. Their votes count as much as ours. We haven't been hearing them, true they haven't been speaking very clearly, but then neither are you Stewart. Your reasoning is about as dismissive and condescending as the other side. No one is going to go away just because you want them to.

See also my earlier post to Sanders fans about their revolution. 

You have to convince not just people like me who passionately believe in open health care and education, investing in our young people, creating opportunity for everyone, really dealing with climate change, you also have to convince a fair number of people who are voting for Trump. And that means doing a lot of talking and listening, and that's going to take years. We as a country are very far away from the place we need to be to get the kind of change we want to see. And btw, they'd like to have a talk with you, about things they care about.  

Our problems are not so specific as America Doesn't Win Anymore or Taxing The Millionaires and Billionaires, the problem is that everyone thinks they're entitled to what they're entitled to, and the rest of you all can go to hell. 

Stewart is in the middle. He's not a Trump voter, and he's not spinning for Bernie. But when he says his problem will "die off" I know he isn't listening. No one needs to listen to things that are dying out. Unless they aren't. And they aren't.

You know who had it right? The great American philosopher Rodney King. He asked the essential question. Can't we all get along? Well, can't we?