Very early morning political notes
Friday, March 18, 2016 by Dave Winer

A few random notes.

I find the current political situation both exhausting and fascinating.

I've now listened to all the Whistlestop podcasts. Very good stuff, and much of it is on-topic for the convention fights that are coming up, perhaps in both parties. 

Watching a lot of MSNBC. I find it encouraging that so much of the discourse is now informed and skillful. The people who have had so little to say over the years when there wasn't much news, now have a lot of relevant education and information. Many of them have studied the history of politics. And they know their stuff.

I wonder if there's a great readable book about how conventions work?

Trump has hired some inside-Washington political advisors. I saw one of them interviewed on CNN today. BTW, Wolf Blitzer was fantastic with him. Deadpan. No sense of irony. Took all his putdown questions literally (as they deserved to be treated). Even better it's great to hear Trump rep'd by someone who doesn't know how to steamroll a reporter like Trump does. Blitzer was able to control the interview. Refreshing. And the panel that came on after was excellent. None of the usual CNN stuffed shirts who never say anything but the vaguest of platitudes. Intelligence on CNN! Go figure. 

Too much politics on Facebook. Mostly mindless repetitive recitals. I think a lot of other people are feeling the exhaustion. I unfollowed someone today who I know is smart and witty on other things, but is totally tiring me out with his sad and depressing political analysis. I imagine other people feel the same about what I've written, so I try to keep it mostly over here on my blog and just post links to Facebook.

I especially dislike the comments from people whose political opinions I already know. I know they know I must know. So why are they restating the same ideas over and over? Even when I agree with them, I think it's a form of spam. Maybe it gives them a feeling of power? I don't know what to do about this. I don't want to unfriend people because they are exhausting me. I don't want to hide their posts (I don't even know how to do it), and I sure don't want to block them. But I have even deleted some of my own links on Facebook because they have attracted these recitals.

It'll be interesting to see if this post attracts the same kind of spam on Facebook.

So much of political discourse in normal times sounds like this. Moderator: Person A will you sing your song now. Okay enough. Person B sing yours. Thank you. Now we will hear person C's song. Okay good, now some harmony (talk over each other). We have to leave it there for now.

I guess it's just late and I'm tired. See you in the morning! :-)