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A web based discussion is taking place about the future of glossaries.

By Dave Winer, dwiner@well.com

Re: http://www.akimbo.com/proposals/url_glossaries.html.

Frontier's glossaries work as follows. A glossary is a table of pairs. When the name appears in "double-quotes" the text is subsituted.

The term "URL Glossary" doesn't apply to what we do in Frontier. The text in a glossary can be anything, including boilerplate text, that may have no URLs in it, for that matter, might not even be HTML. We did it the way you are doing it in previous software, but found it too inflexible.

If a double-quoted string is not found in the glossary, our processor leaves it alone. This has not proven to be controversial, and it's immediately understandable, and not programmerish, and people like it.

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