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HTML Hints

Starting with Frontier 4.2 we are hinting our HTML. Here's how...

We've started "hinting" the HTML that Frontier generates. This will allow rendering to happen in a more distributed fashion, and make it easier to go from a web page to the source that generated it. And maybe it makes other things possible.

3/26/97 DW: It made Fat Web Pages possible. With a new feature in MSIE 3.0.1 on the Mac, we're now able to use these hints in powerful ways.

Here's what the comment looks like for a page I tested it with:

#version "1"
#docs "http://www.scripting.com/midas/htmlHints.html"
#adrObject "user.websites.frontier.testing.colorsOnBlack"
#netAddress ""
#objectCreated "5/27/96; 11:18:46 AM"
#objectModified "11/24/96; 6:31:04 AM"
#lastBuildTime "11/24/96; 7:18:00 AM"

Comments to dwiner@well.com.



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