Click here for information about this site.Dave WinerMy name is Dave Winer, I'm a programmer, blogger, inventor and lover of news. I think of myself as a "media hacker" because what I do combines writing, publishing and technology. I played an important role in developing weblogs and RSS, and worked with the New York Times and other news organizations to get their publications available in RSS.

This site is an experiment to see how we can make news work for people who use mobile web browsers. We have the Times and the BBC available, updating every ten minutes, as stories are available. You can read the news on a Blackberry, iPhone, Treo or cell phone on BART, the London Underground, Paris Metro or IRT, BMT or IND. Take the A Train and take the electronic Times with you. ;->

If you want to follow the development, you can tune into the mobile version of my blog, Scripting News. As new features come on line I'll link to them there.

Hope you like the service, let me know what you think! My email address is scriptingnewsmail1 at gmail dot com.