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Nappy ho

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 by Dave Winer.

An old white radio personality didn't just wake up one morning and think of Nappy ho all by himself. Permalink to this paragraph

Okay he's white and he said something stupid and he's old, so he's easy to pick on.  Permalink to this paragraph

But maybe black people should take the issue up with the music industry too. Permalink to this paragraph

And its not just music, all that kind of stuff was in a movie that lots of white people saw, myself included. 9 years ago. In that movie Halle Berry said "Don't you know you my nigger" -- to an old white guy!  Permalink to this paragraph

Maybe it's just a sign of respect. Certainly when some people say it, it is. I don't know, seems a little racist to me to have a huge national shitstorm when a white person says something that if a black person said it wouldn't be any cause for alarm.  Permalink to this paragraph

Maybe Imus didn't mean any harm at all. Just a thought. Permalink to this paragraph

Postscript: A commenter named "Solo" points out that Jesse Jackson has a lot of chutzpah going on national TV saying that Imus has to go. Maybe he forgot Hymietown? Permalink to this paragraph

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