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Where can I get some no-frills hosting?
By Dave Winer on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 2:17 PM.

So the next question in the hunt for simple and easy static hosting is -- Where can I get some? permalink

Here's what I want.  permalink

1. FTP access configured through a web interface. I don't want to do shell scripting. All setup and management is done in the browser. permalink

2. One static IP address.  permalink

3. I register domains elsewhere, say GoDaddy, and I point hosts at the IP address. permalink

4. I don't want to edit Apache config files. Instead, through the web interface I associate hosts with folders in my FTP space. Behind the scenes the service probably regenerates the config files and reboots the server when I submit my changes. permalink

5. Completely static hosting. No PHP no SQL, nothing fancy. "No frills." permalink

6. I don't care if you make a profit. Charge $10/month for the service. permalink

7. Don't hype me. All the services I see advertised on the web are long on hype and closing the deal, but I usually can't tell what they're offering. Ridiculous. permalink

8. Don't tell me you offer unlimited space and bandwidth. I don't believe you. Tell me up front what the limits are. permalink

If you comment, please don't tell us about a service you love but doesn't do one of the things on this list. I don't see anything here that's negotiable.  permalink

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