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Might be the perfect tweet for all time
By Dave Winer on Saturday, February 06, 2010 at 6:08 AM.

wilshipley: "Is there an iPhone app for adding your own subtitles to that famous Hitler scene on YouTube™, yet?" permalink

Why it's the perfect tweet: permalink

1. It's about a product from Apple. permalink

2. It suggests an Apple slogan that's almost become a meme. permalink

3. You know damned well there's no app for that. permalink

4. But there totally should be. permalink

5. We love Apple even though they turn us into couch potatoes and minions of Steve.  permalink

6. Consider it a feature request for Android. permalink

7. It's about at the appropriate level of importance for the average tweet. permalink

8. It's an application of Godwin's Law. <img src="> permalink

9. The Hitler videos are funny even thought Hitler himself was a monster.  permalink

10. You never know what Hitler is going to say next! permalink

11. Think of all the new applications for Hitler. permalink

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