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My first full day in NYC
By Dave Winer on Sunday, February 07, 2010 at 6:37 PM.

I spent my first full day living in NYC since 1977.  permalink

Lots of observations, but I only have time to share one. permalink

In other cities, the places you drive to are places you walk to in Manhattan. There's every kind of restaurant within a block of my apartment. In Palo Alto, you can get it all (but the pizza isn't as good) but you have to drive everywhere unless you live off University Avenue. Same in Berkeley.  permalink

And the walking in Manhattan is amazing. It's huge and has so much variety. And everywhere you go the buildings reach the sky. In every other city I've lived in, they might have had a few buildings as tall as the average tall apartment building in NY. And that's even in neighborhoods which aren't known for big buildings. permalink

I live two blocks from the West 4th St subway station. From there you can get to every part of Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn. One change gets you to everywhere in Queens.  permalink

But I spent five hours walking today. I'm wiped, but in a good way. permalink

Now on to the SuperBowl. Of course as a Tulane alum I'm rooting for the Saints! <img src="> permalink

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