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A nice boost for rssCloud
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, March 09, 2010 at 5:36 PM.

A picture named santa.gifIt's been a while since we could announce new major support for rssCloud, but today is one of those big days we'll remember for a long time.  permalink has now enabled rssCloud support in the RSS 2.0 feeds for all its users.  permalink

This means that, the server operated by, has the feature, as well as all other sites they operate. I assume it will be baked into a subsequent open source release ( is GPL software). permalink

What does this mean? Well, when I post an update to my account on, any cloud-aware aggregator will receive an update notification. River2, the aggregator I've built for Frontier (it runs in the OPML Editor) has support for rssCloud. permalink

For a demo here's a screen shot of an update I posted to Note the time of the update. I immediately refreshed the home page of my River2 server, and there's the update. Elapsed time ==> 12 seconds. That's what real time means. <img src="> permalink

This is my feed. A source screen shot shows the <cloud> element. permalink

It's also a holy grail for the idea of a distributed loosely-coupled network of Twitter-like services, linked together in real time using RSS. (What a mouthful!) It's very elegant and lightweight and it works today.  permalink

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