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Could a scanner really be that good?
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 3:25 PM.

A picture named scanner.jpgAfter reading of my troubles with a new Canon scanner, Kellie Miller sent a link to a review of a Fujitsu scanner. Except for Apple hype, I can't remember reading a review so glowing.  permalink

What's been bothering me about all the awful scanners and software I've tried over the years: A scanner is just a camera. It seems you could make a really elegant Mac-like camera that was fun to use. Instead they all suck. But maybe not the Fujitsu ScanSnap? Maybe! <img src="> permalink


The Amazon reviews corroborate the CoolTools review.  permalink

It's only $249. permalink

I posted a tweet: "Fujitsu scanner sounds fantastic. I might buy one just to see what a well-designed scanner can do." permalink

Hmmm. permalink

PS: I'm still waiting for my HTTP-based scanner. permalink

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