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My iPad is here
By Dave Winer on Saturday, April 03, 2010 at 8:04 AM.

A picture named ipad.gifUnboxing it now. permalink

The first thing you have to do after turning it on is connect it to iTunes. Here we go with the synching, the part of iPhones that I totally hate. It's why I use a Sony Walkman and a Droid. Ugh. permalink

Hmm. I thought I downloaded iTunes 9.1 last night. Quitting and relaunching. No good. Going to permalink

Meantime I'm wondering what'll happen when I connect up the iPad to my desktop Mac in Berkeley (where I'm going on Monday). I'll do what I do with my iPhone, I won't change anything till I get back to NY. permalink

First glitch, it says an iPad has already been synched to this copy of iTunes in May 2009. Hmm. Good trick! <img src="> permalink

Okay so the iPad has a problem that lots of software has, when you finish the basic setup -- now what? There are no movies, newspapers or books on the device, and no clue as to how to get them on there. Those are the first things I want to do, see how it plays stuff. Maybe I'm wrong about that. I should disconnect and see what I get.  permalink

Okay, so the first thing I did was bring up the maps. Yes, this is the way the maps app should work. Lots of room, more room than I have on my laptop. And lots more room than I have on my phone. Now you gotta wonder -- when you're looking for something as you're walking around, which will you pull out -- the phone or the pad? What do you think? permalink

First conclusion: I love the way the Maps app works. Love is not too strong a word. You know I'm very circumspect, and I think Apple is just too precious. But this is how maps should work.  permalink

I just checked out the web browser, and set up email. I don't remember how to synch contacts with Google, I have to do that.  permalink

My review in one tweet. permalink

Next I want to upload some pictures to the device, and Fargo (although I'm not sure which version, probably the big one). Maybe instead this time I'll go for The Big Lebowski (just for a small change of pace, always go with a Coen Brothers movie, cause you can watch them a million times without getting bored). permalink

Where can I get a book to try out for $0? permalink

I also have to get Netflix. And the NY Times. What else? permalink

Okay I want to copy bigLebowski.avi onto the iPad. How? (I'm going to try copying it into the folder I'm synching pictures from.) permalink

Well I couldn't figure out how to play the movie, but I did get it to play via Netflix, but that isn't going to work on the airplane. permalink

Time to upload some pictures and get on with my day. permalink

I figured out how to upload movies. It's not in the Movies tab at the top (and these guys have the gall to lecture on UI design) it's in the Movies section in the sidebar. No matter, it won't take an AVI file, saying you can't play it on this device. So much for the idiots who told me it would play the movies in my collection (when I said I was pretty sure it wouldn't -- guess I win that bet, eh). My guess is that the movies must be MP4s.  permalink

BTW, I thought I should mention that my netbook has no trouble with AVI files. It runs VLC, an open source app that plays anything as long as it isn't DRM'd (and some stuff that is DRM'd). permalink

So far, the only thing the iPad does better than my netbook is maps. There probably are other things. I don't read books on the Asus, or on my Kindle, so maybe the iPad works better. I hear the Scrabble game is great, but I hate Scrabble (love crosswords though). permalink

PS: They do give you a book to get started with -- Winnie The Pooh. Wish they had thought of something a bit more adult.  permalink

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