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Greetings from Elko
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 3:14 AM.

A picture named nevada.gifI made 500 miles yesterday -- not bad considering the weather on the drive through the Sierra was pretty bad, and I stopped for a 1-hour podcast in Auburn on the way up the hill. Usually on my first day out of SF, I make it as far as Winnemucca. Elko is 130 miles further east, and a much nicer town to stay in.  permalink

I remember Elko as one of the big rallies for Obama at the end of the 2008 campaign. I mentioned this when checking in at the front desk, and the clerk said the really big deal was when Bush II came here on Air Force One. She said the plane damaged the runway at this very small town's airport.  permalink

Overnight Twitter announced their initial revenue model. Adds on the search page. I figured this was it, that's why I was puzzled when Twitter COO Costolo said we were going to love it when we heard about it. I feel it's a no-op -- I never use search for Twitter. I think search on Twitter is meaningless. If they want to make search useful they're going to have to increase the size of the tweets. Or start indexing the pages people point to in their tweets.  permalink

The podcast we recorded was a really good one. Hope to get it up for download sometime today (on a driving break).  permalink

PS: While driving I decided on the title for my 140conf talk on the 20th -- Hello New York. I have ten minutes, and plan to use them to say hello to the city I now live in, again. <img src="> permalink

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