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Niagara Falls
By Dave Winer on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 2:31 PM.

Last time I came through Niagara Falls was at the beginning of an east-to-west cross-country drive in 2005. I only saw the falls from the American side. permalink

This time everything's flipped around. I'm seeing the falls from the Canadian side at the end of a west-to-east cross-country drive. permalink

Last time I saw there were these huge towering hotels on the Canadian side. I said "Someday I'm going to see the falls from the top of one of those hotels. That's exactly where I'm sitting as I write this blog post.  permalink

Pretty freaking spectacular. permalink

American Falls permalink

If you saw what I'm seeing in Africa or Asia you'd think it was pretty exotic.  permalink

I'll be in NYC tomorrow for sure, Murphy-willing. <img src="> permalink

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