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Looking for eloquent NY-based sources who go direct
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 at 2:56 AM.

The tech industry looks at the web and sees User Generated Content. permalink

The publishing industry sees Crowd Sourcing. permalink

Both put themselves at the center, but in news it's the sources who are at the center. permalink

We're putting together an NYU panel for Internet Week -- people who are frequent sources for news reporters who use blogs to get their story out there. permalink

I call this Sources Go Direct.  permalink

We want to provide excellent examples to show that the web is about more than traditional journalism, that a new kind of communication is emerging. permalink

Examples include: Nate Silver, Fred Wilson, Simon Johnson. The ultimate STGD is Paul Krugman. permalink

We're also looking for a contrarian, someone who says that sources can't or won't go direct, but do it with respect. permalink

We'll send an announcement of the panel, it will be followed by an open newsroom for bloggers and professional journalists. permalink

Likely date/time: 2PM through 5PM on Wednesday June 9 at 20 Cooper Sq, 7th Fl. permalink

PS: STGD == Source That Goes Direct. permalink

PPS: STGDs are always NBBs. (Natural-born Bloggers.) permalink

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