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How ideas flowed in the old days
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, June 09, 2010 at 5:16 AM.

This diagram helps illustrate what Sources Go Direct is about. permalink

A picture named theOldDays.jpg permalink

Back in the old days an idea had to run a gauntlet of middlemen and profiteers before it could reach "targets." permalink

The PR people introduced execs to reporters. The PR people briefed the analysts who were then interviewed by reporters to provide "objective" insights. The users were consulted for their perspective. It was a nice orderly world. Money flowed from the companies to the PR people to the analysts. The users got raises and bonuses for being leaders in their industry. Eyeballs watched. Targets were influenced. Dollars flowed. It was a business. But often the ideas got lost on their way through all the middlemen.  permalink

Have new flows developed? Yes. The question is are they more efficient than the old ones? Do ideas (facts or perspectives) stand a chance or are we still mired in the same muddle as before? permalink

This is the question Sources Go Direct asks. (Gosh this sounds like a seder!) permalink

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